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Symposium on Ocean Color Remote Sensing in Case 2 Waters Takes Place in Harbin
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On August 17 and 18, the 11th National Symposium on Ocean Color Remote Sensing in Case 2 Waters was held in Harbin, the capital of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. 

The two-day meeting was attended by nearly 100 experts, scholars, graduate students and enterprise representatives from some 30 R&D units and business enterprises both at home and abroad. Under the sponsorship of CEODE, it was organized by the CAS Key Laboratory for Digital Earth.

Its opening ceremony was presided over by Professor ZHANG Bing, Chairman of the symposium and Vice Director-General of the Center. Professor Tong Qingxi, a CAS Member, delivered a talk at the ceremony. He reviewed the developmental course of ocean color remote sensing in China, and expounded its significance and challenges it is now facing. In particular, he emphasized the importance of introducing water environmental simulation for probing the mechanism behind ocean color remote sensing.

In his speech, Professor Zhang recalled the developments of symposia on the subject in China and spoke highly of their constructive role as a boosting platform in nationwide exchange and academic growth in this special field. The 11th session of the symposium was unprecedented in terms of the number of participants and research reports received by the meeting, epitomizing the burgeoning growth of the studies in China. The academic reports delivered at this meeting covered main research areas and advances achieved so far: the technology for on-the-spot measurement and analysis of a water body’s optical characteristics, modeling methods for water body-atmosphere transfer and radiation, remote-sensing monitoring of harmful algal outbreaks, inverse-modeling algorithms, and multi-purpose utilization of the subject’s application, among others.


The symposium in session.

CAS Member Tong Qingxi makes opening remarks.

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