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Studies on RS Technologies for Prospecting Copper and Gold Mines in Sound Progress
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A CEODE research team on comprehensive evaluation technologies of Remote Sensing (RS) for prospecting the copper and gold mines and their applications to prospecting activities in west Dzungarian region in Xinjiang, a project supported by the National “305” Program, has been dedicated to the research on RS prospecting technologies of three dimensions: lithology, mineral mapping and element inversion. While conducting this project, they developed a system for fast prospecting in fieldwork and evaluation technology. RS prospecting prediction and field confirmation based on this system scored important progress in 2009. The team discovered a total of 34 copper/gold deposits and mineralized zones in western part of the region from 26 June to 16 August, 2009.

Alteration mineral mapping in Xiemisitai

In cooperation with the local research institute, the team also established an eroding model for Porphyry Copper Mineral Deposit and a prospecting model for the local area, through studying the spectroscopic profile of the drill cores and spectroscopic analysis of the geological profile. Their work was thought highly by the Xinjiang Academy of Nonferrous Metals Research and is believed to have valued reference in prospecting in the deep-seated strata and evaluation of regional mineral resources.
Shown is the RS enhancement found in Xiemisitai. Yellow Kalium granite; Light blue Andesite
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