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Remote Broadcasting System Passes Acceptance Check
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On September 24, the results derived from the research on “the system of remote real-time moving-window display and broadcasting based on satellite RS data” passed the scrutiny of an expert panel from the Bureau of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence. During the appraisal, the panel members carefully looked into a series of work reports by the project undertakers and a demonstration of using the system, reaching to a consensus of its acceptance. Chaired by Li Guoping, director of the first department of the Bureau, a total of 11 leaders and experts from the Ministry of Land and Resources, CAS, Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace, Peking University attended the meeting.

As a project, Special Civilian Research Program of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, the study was conducted by CEODE. Its scientists have successfully solved the key technology in the real-time broadcasting of satellite RS data and established a practical public platform for broadcasting RS data and information. The achievement laid a reliable basis for improving the timely service of China’s RS satellite.


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