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2011 High Level Seminar on Hyperspectral Earth Observation Convened in Beijing
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On 1–2 December, 2011, the High Level Seminar on Hyperspectral Earth Observation convened in Beijing. Nearly 200 Chinese experts, graduate students and industry representatives in fields related to imaging spectroscopy attended the seminar. The event was mainly hosted by the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE), the Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, CAS, and Beijing Golden Way Scientific Co., Ltd., and co-organized by the Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Science, CAS, and Beijing Golden Way Scientific Co., Ltd.

The seminar was hosted by the president of the organizing committee, CEODE Deputy Director ZHANG Bing. CEODE Director-General GUO Huadong gave an address for the opening ceremony. As the meeting organizer, Professor GUO Huadong warmly welcomed the delegation, and then emphasized the importance of Earth observation technologies, especially that of imaging spectroscopy, and highlighted China's remarkable achievements in spectral imaging technology.

The seminar was divided into three parts: a review of the latest developments in hyperspectral Earth observation, imaging spectrometry technology, hyperspectral data processing and its applications. CAS Member TONG Qingxi gave a report titled “Some Understanding of the Development of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing”. It described in detail the development of hyperspectral technology at home and abroad and China’s contributions and achievements in the field of hyperspectral remote sensing. Dr. Alexander FH Goetz, from the University of Colorado, gave reports titled “Reflectance Spectroscopy: From Field Measurements to Hyperspectral Imaging of the Earth and Solar System Objects”, “Qualitative and Quantitative Spectroscopy Applications and History of Hyperspectral Imaging Development”, and “Hyperspectral Imaging: Current Programs, Earth and Planetary Examples of Results”. He made a comprehensive summary of the hyperspectral features of data generation mechanisms, research processes, and technology applications. Other reports given during the seminar included: “Hyperspectral Technology” by Professor XIANG Libin, “Hyperspectral Technology in the Application of Deep Space Exploration” by Professor HE Ping, “TG-1” Imaging Spectrometer” by by Professor YAN Changxiang, “The Field Imaging Spectrometer System (FISS)” by Professor ZHANG Lifu, “Introduction to Headwall Imaging Spectrometer” by Mr. WEI Zhiqi, and “Hyperspectral Image Classification and Target Detections” by Professor ZHANG Bing. In addition, some presentations on multi-domain applications based on hyperspectral data were presented in the seminar, covering mineral exploration, inland water color, atmospheric environment exploration, and agriculture, respectively given by Professor WANG Runsheng, Professor LI Yunmei, Professor CHEN Liangfu, and Professor LIU Liangyun. The two-day seminar was separately chaired by Professor ZHANG Bing and Professor JIA Xiuping of the University of New South Wales.

Observation came to an end. Professor ZHANG Bing gave a meeting summary, in which he pointed out that the seminar was the largest on hyperspectral remote sensing in recent years and that it received positive responses from related Chinese experts. The seminar topics covered hyperspectral technologies, data progressing, and image application, and it promoted interdisciplinary exchange and the development of hyperspectral earth observation.

The seminar was also an important platform for exchange and cooperation under the framework of the International Society for Digital Earth.

CEODE Deputy Director ZHANG Bing hosts the Opening Ceremony of the 2011 High Level Seminar on Hyperspectral Earth Observation

CEODE Director-General GUO Huadong gives an address

   CAS member TONG Qingxi gives a speech                                  

Dr. Alexander F.H. Goetz gives a speech

  The venue of the 2011 High Level Seminar on Hyperspectral Earth Observation                           

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