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Off-site Remote Sensing Data Backup System Passes Performance Test
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On 10 January, a performance evaluation of CEODE’s off-site remote sensing data backup system passed expert review. The system is one of CAS’s large scientific facilities maintenance and renovation projects, undertaken by CEODE.

The two-year project’s goal was to establish an alternative site for data backups and a disaster recovery system to implement secure data storage, interactive retrieval, dynamic backup and rapid recovery. This system will provide strong technical support for bettering CEODE’s services to remote sensing users. After research and development of the system and testing of 40 criteria with a total of 99 test cases, all of the features and performance indicators met or exceeded the requirements of the mission statement. After a six-month trial operation, the off-site backup system successfully backed up 27 TB of remote sensing data, which will allow it to go into formal operation in February 2012.

In the review meeting, the project technical director FENG Zhongkui reported the system’s testing methods, acceptance criteria, and test cases to fellow experts. The reviewers questioned and tested the main system functions and performance indicators. After discussion, the group agreed that the system’s performance passed the review.

The review meeting in session

Reviewers test the main system functions and performance indicators

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