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Smooth Developments of a Sub-center for Satellite Remote Sensing Data
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Encouraging progress has been made by CEODE in its efforts to establish a sub-center for satellite remote sensing data for the preliminary database for natural resources and geo-space. At present, it has unfolded such tasks as the construction of a service platform and a data exchange center, as well as the definition of standards for the database.

The key item of the project is to develop an integrated database for remote sensing images. So far, a good job has been done on the data processing, integration and transformation, including the orthophoto processing of TM images from Landsat No.5, breakthroughs in key techniques for producing standardized subdivision images for topographic maps, and fusion and mosaicking of high-resolution satellite images taken from nearly 20 cities. Success has been made in developing an automatic production line for orthophoto images, which is noted for the automatic selection of control points, model optimum, and image correction. While raising productivity, the technology could upgrade the precision of products. In addition, work has been accomplished on the construction of relevant service platforms and exchange centers, such as computer labs and networks, and on the formulation of relevant standards, cluster coding of information product factors, and administrative rules and regulations.

The sub-center is a component of an infrastructure database for natural resource and geo-spatial information, which is one of the four such databases in China’s initiative of E-government and a key project for the infrastructure of national spatial information. Its development is expected to greatly upgrade CEODE capacity in deep processing of serialized, standardized, and systemic remote sensing information products, and in distributing its products via the Internet, and enabling CEODE to play a key role in China’s drive of E-government.

A geometrically continuous display of ortho-rectifi cation and reference images.
Left: A reference image (band combination 742);
Right: An ortho-rectification image (band combination 432).

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