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Monitoring,Protecting Heritage;Promoting the Development of Spatial Information Technology Applications
  Using space technologies to monitor and conserve natural and cultural heritage is an emerging hotspot in interdisciplinary study. In recent years, UNESCO has attached increasing importance to the employment of space technologies for protecting and achieving sustainable utilization of its heritage sites. The 34th session of the World Heritage Committee stated in its decision ...
RS Monitoring of Floods in South China
  Since torrential rains began in June, Southern China has suffered severe floods and frequent geological disasters. By taking advantage of its remote sensing technology, CEODE launched an emergency response mechanism to provide assistance for China's disaster relief authorities.
RS Monitoring and Data Sharing on Quake-hit Qinghai
  At 14:00 of April 14, 2010, CEODE's remote sensing aircrafts left for the earthquake-hit areas in Yushu County, Qinghai Province, and acquired at 15:30 April 14 the first batch of remote sensing images with 40cm high-resolution covering Yushu County. 
International Program Office for IRDR Opens in CEODE
  Located in CEODE, IPO becomes the first international office of a largebig science program ever established in Asia. 
Remote sensing monitoring and data sharing on drought spells in north China
  In early 2008, eight wheat-farming provinces and autonomous regions in north China were hit by the most severe drought spell over the past 50 years. With an objective of serving the national efforts in mitigating natural calamities, CEODE initiated an emergency project to monitor the drought developments by making good use of their remote sensing technologies. The researcher...
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