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ISDE6 Academic Reports in Full Swing

Following the opening ceremony of the 6th International Symposium on Digital Earth on Sep 9th, the first day keynote and parallel sessions at the symposium was held at Beijing International Conference Center on Sep 10th. Further symposium on Digital Earth theories, technologies and applications was carried out by experts from various countries in the world and representatives of international organizations.

Plenary Report

The presentations comprised plenary reports, oral and poster presentations. During the plenary reports this morning, excellent talks including Digital Earth in the United States: an Era of Interdisciplinary Earth Science, Digital Earth: Ten Years Experiences, Emerging Infrastructures for Managing the Digital Earth: Experience at ESA, UNESCO in Partnership with Space Agencies Digital Documentation of Natural and Cultural Heritage, Building a Global Partnership for Digital Earth Applications for Sustainable Development, Digital Europe: Be Inspired, Lessons from the First 600 Million Digital Earth Users were delivered respectively by Dr. Myra Bambacus (NASA Program Manager), Guo Huadong (Director-General of Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth, CAS), Luigi Fusco (senior advisor for Earth Observation Appliciations ¨C EO Science and Application Department ¨C ESA), Mario Hernandez (Chief, Remote Sensing Unit, UNESCO), He Changchui (Assistant Director-General & Regional Representative, FAO, United Nations), Dr. Alessandro Jones from Environment and Sustainable Development Institute of EU Joint Research Center, and Michael Jones (Google Earth CEO, Chief Technology Advocate, Google Inc.). Seven scholars in Digital Earth field have been actively participating in this event, including recalling ten years¡¯ evolution of Digital Earth, sharing practical experiences in improving the development of Digital Earth, foreseeing future cooperation, sharing Digital Earth with experts of scientific and technological management, and elaborating on Digital Earth construction from a newer and higher perspective.

Parallel Sessions-Room B

Oral presentations at the meeting in the afternoon comprised 8 parallel sessions, concentrating on many fields such as Digital Earth model and data warehouse, Digital Earth browser and global virtual simulation, Digital Earth and global environmental change, Digital Earth spatial data infrastructure, service infrastructure for research data on global change, network-based Digital Earth service, earth observation and Digital Earth, digital oceans. Other activities implemented at the meeting comprise a seminar on comparative research program for global environmental change remote sensing, a thesis symposium on International Journal of Digital Earth and an introduction meeting for exhibitors¡¯ products.

Poster Session

Poster presentations were themed on Digital Earth theory and applications to exhibit in length the theory, framework and technology of Digital Earth as well as Digital Earth and global environmental change. The exhibition of Digital Earth Technology and Applications was also held that day.