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The 6th International Symposium on Digital Earth
Further Discuss Development and Prospects of Digital Earth Science and Technology

On Sep 11th, keynote speeches and paralle sessions of the 6th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE6) continue were in process. Further discussions were carried out by experts from all over the world with regard to specific research fields such as geographic information system, earth observation and natural disaster mitigation.

Mike GoodChild, the member of Academy Sciences of the United State

There are seven plenary reports in the morning, including ¡°Digital Earth: A Decadal Assessment¡± delivered by the member of Science Academy of the United States (AAS) Michael Goodchild about ten years¡¯ development of Digital Earth; ¡°Digital Earth and Digital China¡± by Tong Qingxi (CAS member and representative of Prof. Wu Lun in Beijing University) demonstrating development of Digital China, Digital Beijing in particular; ¡°Can We Predict Earthquake with GPS Data¡± by Shunji Murai (Secretary-general of Asian Association on Remote Sensing) elaborating on GPS role in earthquake prediction; ¡°Application of Geo-spatial Information and Technologies in Support of EU Crisis Management¡± by Prof. Martino Pesaresi from European Commission specifying the important roles of geographic spatial information and technology; ¡°Integrated Global Observation of the Land: Challenges in Transforming a Plan into Reality¡± by Prof. John Townshend from Maryland University (USA) regarding the opportunities and challenges in transforming a plan into reality in integrated global observation of the land; ¡°Digitized Element Earth¡± by Prof. Xie Xuejin (86-year-old, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences) explaining profound theory in everyday language in terms of global geochemical mapping; and ¡°Global Map: International Cooperation in the Mapping Sciences¡± by D.R.F.Taylor (President, International Steering Committee for Global Mapping) introducing in details the development history, current status and future trend of global mapping. It is remarkable that these presentations have been spoken highly of and received favorable comments.

Parallel session-Room C

These reports were welcomed by participants. After report, questions are raised frequently by attendees and answered zealously by experts, creating hot atmosphere at the meeting.

Plenary Report

Oral presentations in the afternoon comprise 8 parallel sessions, focusing on Digital Earth¡¯s role in environmental protection, city construction and disaster control, more exactly, covering digital forestry, digital city, natural agriculture, digital disaster reduction, digital ecology, digital atmosphere and digital oceans. Further introduced in these reports are Digital Earth data mining technology, Digital Earth integrated technology, Digital Earth data processing technology and virtual reality and 3D technology in Digital Earth. The editorial board meeting of the Journal of International Digital Earth was convened as well in the afternoon.