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ISDE6 Academic Discussion Ends Successfully

The 6th International Symposium on Digital Earth held its last plenary report and oral presentation on Sep 12th. Experts from various countries further discussed the frontier technology of Digital Earth and its important role in environmental protection, disaster control and protection of natural resources and world heritage so as to improve prosperity and development of Digital Earth.

Prof.Li Deren made a report

Eight plenary keynote speeches were given in the morning. These speeches delivered by either domestic or international experts were ˇ°Towards a Geospatial Service Webˇ± delivered by Li Deren, ˇ°Landscape and 3D City Modeling for Digital Earthˇ± by Armin Gruen, ˇ°Building Bridges between the Space Science and SDI Communityˇ± by Bas Kok, ˇ°GDEM: The Aster Global Topographic Data Setˇ± by Michael Abrams, ˇ°How an information Commons Approach Can Benefit the Digital Earthˇ± by Robert Chen, ˇ°Digital Earth Contributions to Air Quality and Public Healthˇ± by William A.Sprigg, ˇ°SPOT System Continuity: Providing Imagery for Global Mapping in the Long Termˇ± by Hugues Pavie, ˇ°Latest Airborne Sensor Technology ¨C A Key to Developing the Digital Earthˇ± by Ruediger Wagner. These experts have communicated with each other regarding the frontier theory and technology of Digital Earth.

Poster presentation

The oral presentations in the afternoon comprised six parallel sessions, focusing on Digital Earth technologies and applications in terms of digital heritage, digital ecology and environment, airborne remote sensing, Digital Earth integrated technology, Digital Earth network system and data processing technology as well as Digital Earth spatial data solution.

Attendees of the meeting

During the 4-day meeting focused on 5 main topics and 15 sub-topics, there are 25 keynote presentations, 25 oral parallel sessions presented by 190 speakers and more than 400 poster papers. Experts, scholars and S&T managerial experts delivered super lectures and submitted excellent papers to share their exquisite academic ideology and managerial experiences, enhance international communication and cooperation in Digital Earth theory, technology and applications, further specify future development and application goals of Digital Earth, and deepen greatly the research on Digital Earth in terms of global change and sustainable development.