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The 6th International Symposium on Digital Earth Held in Beijing

-- Digital Earth from a concept to applications

On Sep 9th-12th, the 6th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE6) hosted jointly by the International Society for Digital Earth and Chinese Academy of Sciences has been held in Beijing and its main theme is Digital Earth in Action. At the news conference on Sep 7th, the Organizing Committee stated, ¡°This is another magnificent meeting on Digital Earth hosted by China since the 1st International Symposium on Digital Earth initiated in China. Participants comprise more than 1000 scholars, entrepreneur representatives and managerial experts from 40-odd countries.¡±

When interviewed by Science Times, the ISDE6 chair of ISDE6 Organizing Committee Guo Huadong said, ¡°With the main theme of Digital Earth, the ISDE1 was devoted to the understanding of the concept Digital Earth; thereafter, the concept Digital Earth takes strong root with joint efforts from experts, the society and related enterprises. However, the key point to Digital Earth is to put into use; it is intended to serve mankind, society and state demands. Accordingly, ISDE-6 highlights the future development and applications of Digital Earth and strengthens research on Digital Earth in supporting global change and sustainable development. It is committed to enhance Digital Earth¡¯s role in sustainable development of national economy and society, environmental protection, disasters control, protection of natural resources and world heritage, and to achieve prosperity and development of Digital Earth.¡±

It is reported that plenary reports and parallel sessions addressed Digital Earth theory, technology and applications, including earth observation, geographic information system, global positioning system, virtual reality, network communication technology, computer technology and geo-science. An exhibition of Digital Earth technology and applications is held to display achievements made in this regard such as digital mitigation of disasters and digital city through physical models, multi-media shows, system demonstration and interactive manipulation on the scene.

As Prof. Guo introduced, ¡°Today, earth observation and Digital Earth based hereon have already become one of the most challenging and extensively exampling scientific fields. Digital Earth, developed from high-end technology and entering common people¡¯s life, demonstrates its scientific significance, its prominent economic and social effects. Nowadays, with joint efforts from geo-science experts, spatial science technology experts and professionals, the acquisition technology and integrated technology of data on satellite technology of earth observation, space-borne data processing, reception technology, ground station construction have been well developed, fully equipped with various kinds of technology and capacity necessary for establishment of Digital Earth.¡±

Furthermore, it is reported that more than 900 articles are contributed to this symposium and traffic the ISDE6 website exceeds 100,000. Guo Huadong said, ¡°This festive convention not only fully indicates that the International Symposium on Digital Earth initiated by China now develops in a continuous and healthy way but also reveals the enormous potential in the development of Digital Earth.¡±

(Adapted from Science Times, September 8, 2009)