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US Expert Gives a Lecture on Wave-Scattering Modeling
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On August 15th, Dr. Saibun Tjuatja was invited to give a talk entitled “A Scattering Model for Inhomogeneous Layers with Vertical Profile,” at the 34th CEODE Colloquium.

Dr. Tjuatja, an associate professor at the faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Arlington School, University of Texas, USA, is director of the faculty’s wave-scattering research center. He is also a co-chair of the organizing committee in Dallas to bid for hosting the IGARSS. His research interest is concentrated on electromagnetic waves, remote sensing, wireless communications, and numerical techniques for electromagnetics. At present, he is a fellow of the US Academy of Electricity and Magnetism, as well as a major inventor for matrix doubling research. 

 Dr. Saibun Tjuatja

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