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CAS Visiting Professors Appointed to Work at CEODE
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Two international scientists, Prof. John Richards and Dr. Claudia Kuenzer, were recently recruited for the “Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professorships for Senior International Scientists Program” and will work in the Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE) for terms of one year and four months, respectively.

This is the third group of CAS international visiting professors recruited by CEODE.

Prof. John Richards is an esteemed expert in remote sensing image analysis and imaging radar in the Australian National University, and he was elected last year as the President of the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE), an organization initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and whose secretariat is hosted at CEODE.

Dr. Claudia Kuenzer is the head of the Land Surface Dynamics research group in the Earth Observation Centre of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). She has conducted extensive research in the field of remote sensing using innovative approaches to analyses, as well as natural hazards and climate change.

They will participate in CEODE’s personnel training and scientific programs on Earth observation and Digital Earth technology and applications, especially in the field of global change and disaster research, and will be involved in the operation and promotion of the existing international organizations hosted by CEODE.

The visiting professors program, launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2009, aims to invite accomplished senior international scientists from overseas to participate in research in CAS institutes, and a due grant will be provided to cover the professors’ salary and daily living allowance for their work in China.

To date, CEODE has invited six foreign scientists to work in CEODE as CAS Visiting Professors, and one expert recruited by the national foreign expert recruitment program.

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