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Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences Delegation Visits HIST
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A delegation of 8 people, led by Vice president GUO Chunjing of Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Sciences (HAS), visited the International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage under the Auspices of UNESCO (HIST), exploring the feasibility of setting up Northeast sub-centre of HIST.

Accompanied by HONG Tianhua, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of HIST, the delegation visited the Secretariats of the three international organizations hosted by the Centre for Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE) and watched demonstration videos of Digital Earth Science platform , and New Observation and Understanding of natural and cultural heritage from space. The guests also visited the satellite ground control hall to see the operation and control system of CEODE’s ground station network.

Discussion between the delegation and HIST was held afterwards. WANG Xinyuan, Deputy Director of HIST, welcomed the delegation on behalf of HIST and CEODE Director GUO Huadong, and gave a brief introduction about HIST. GUO Chunjing then expressed willingness to establish the northeast sub-centre of HIST to be hosted by the Institute of Natural Resources (INR), HAS. He also mentioned that HAS would provide financial support to the establishment of the sub-center. INR Director NI Hongwei then made a detailed introduction on the work undertaken by INR and its achievement, and also draft plan on establishing such a sub-center.

INR, a provincial scientific research unit, was founded in 1978. Over the past decades , INR did a series of research projects based on the abundant natural resources, taking into consideration the central task of economic and social development in Heilongjiang Province. The institute has made great achievements in research and their commercialization, e,g. ecology, botany, garden plants and ornamental horticulture, land resources, animal science, soil science, 3S space technology and so on. To initiate mutual collaboration with HIST on natural and cultural heritage and to promote domestic and international cooperation, the institute expects to establish the northeast sub-centre of HIST.

The other members of the delegation include INR Director NI Hongwei, Party Secretary SONG Yuling, , Deputy Director ZENG zhaowen, and Deputy Director XU Pinting, etc.

Discussion between the delegation and HIST

 Delegation and HIST staff


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