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CAS President BAI Chunli Inspects CEODE’s Sanya Ground Station
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On 5 January 2012, CAS President BAI Chunli and Vice President YIN Hejun inspected CEODE’s satellite data receiving station in Sanya, Hainan Province.

Accompanied by CEODE Director-General GUO Huadong, President BAI Chunli visited the site of the Sanya ground station and data receiving system, viewing satellite remote sensing images collected at the station and inspecting staff facilities. After listening to the working report on the construction of Sanya Station, given by CEODE Director-General GUO Huadong, President BAI Chunli had a discussion with the staff of the station.

BAI Chunli spoke highly of the construction and development of CEODE, stating that the construction and research work both in CEODE’s headquarters and three ground stations are “stunning”. He said that space technology is the performance of national comprehensive strength, and the establishment of CEODE was a significant decision according to the need of national strategy’s development. He gave thanks to the contributions of the leadership and staff in the construction and development of CEODE. After commending the preparations of the Kashgar and Sanya stations, BAI Chunli stated that CEODE should utilize the advantages of Kashgar’s arid and semi-arid location and Sanya’s tropical and subtropical regions to widen cooperation and technical applications for better local development. Meanwhile, CEODE should open Sanya Station to other important prospects by actively participating in scientific research, and build Sanya Station into an important window of CAS.

In the meeting, Vice President YIN Hejun delivered a speech. He hoped that CEODE would further its strategy in consideration of the national development plan for space technology. He also proposed to formulate a positioning plan to build Sanya into a window for science and technological development.
Also in attendance were CAS Secretary-General DENG Maicun, Bureau of High-Technology Research and Development Director TIAN Jing and Deputy Director WANG Yuechao, Bureau of Domestic CooperationDeputy Director SUN Dianyi, and CAS Guangzhou Branch Director CHEN Yong, who put forth suggestions on the development of Sanya Station.

After the meeting, BAI Chunli wrote an inscription in Chinese calligraphy: “improve abilities of data technology, work together to build a digital Hainan”.

 CAS President BAI Chunli views satellite remote sensing images

 CAS President BAI Chunli in discussion with the staff of Sanya Station

CAS President BAI Chunli writes an inscription in Chinese calligraphy for Sanya Station

 Group photo of representatives at Sanya Station


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