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Hainan Science and Technology Department Director-General WANG Lu Inspects CEODE’s Sanya Ground Station
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On 19 April 2012, WANG Lu, Director-General of Hainan Science and Technology Department, inspected CEODE’s satellite data receiving station in Sanya, Hainan Province.

WANG visited the site of the Sanya ground station and data receiving system, viewing satellite imagery from the ZY1-02C and ZY3 satellites. He was also given a report on the ongoing construction and development of Sanya Station, presented by the station’s Director, Li Zhenqi.

WANG congratulated CEODE on its achievements and progress with Sanya Station. He hoped to strengthen the scientific and technological cooperation between CEODE and Hainan Province to improve Hainan’s economic, social, scientific and technological development. He put forward that jointly establishing a “Digital Hainan” laboratory and an engineering and technology center in Hainan should be promoted and commenced as quickly as possible. He proposed that Hainan take advantage of CEODE’s remote sensing data products to serve the island province’s development in agriculture, tourism, and creative industries. He said Sanya Station could help build an important window for popularizing science in Hainan and training new talent, as well as jointly establishing aDoctor awarded qualification and Postdoctoral Flow Station.

Also in attendance were CEODE Deputy Director YIN Ming and the Director of the Sanya Science, Technology, and Information Industry Bureau, CAO Bing. 

Hainan Science and Technology Department Director-General WANG Lu views satellite imagery from the ZY1-02C and ZY3 satellites at Sanya Station.

Representatives from CEODE and Hainan exchange views on scientific and technological cooperation.

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