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“Technology and Applications of SAR high-resolution satellite symposium” conenes
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"Technology and Applications of SAR high-resolution satellite symposium" was held  in Hangzhou, October 31, 2008. More than 160 representatives from scientific research, education and business attended the high-tech national conference. The symposium discussed many application and technology issues in microwave earth observation.

Grand opening ceremony was held in October 29. Professor Guo Huadong, President of Chinese National Committee of the International Society for Digital Earth (CNISDE) and director of the Earth observation Center, Professor Zhou Changbao, Secretary-General of Zhejiang Remote Sensing Center, Professor Jiang Jingshan, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Lai Maode, Vice-Chancellor of Zhejiang University made speeches and extended warm congratulations to the meeting.

Professor Guo Huadong and other people made invited report at the symposium. Their topics included: "Earth observation of SAR satellite" by Guo Huadong; "SAR marine oil spill monitoring and technical progress" by Wang Hua; " Enhancement of Integrated Earth observation system in Disaster relief " by Jiang Jingshan; " Mechanism and Application of on-board SAR remote sensing "by Huang Wei-gen; " Research in Land utilization monitoring by the high-resolution SAR data by Chai Yuan;  "Monitor and Research of DInSAR geological disaster" by Fan Jinghui, and " multi-polarization application example of  RADARSAT 2 " by Wu Wei. These Invited reports were warmly welcomed by the General Assembly and showed both domestic and international progress and achievements of SAR new technology and application. The reports pointed out that the SAR satellite technology and applications development and related work should be noted.

The Symposium also included 3 business technical reports and 37 sub-venues reports. Six papers was elected Outstanding Youth of paper of the conference including  "object-oriented approach in the high-resolution remote sensing images Classification of damage, " Wang Yan, " based on multi-resolution GLCP and Contoutlet spectral characteristics of cluster SAR " Gou level, " direction of the wave spectrum of the SAR unconstrained cross-spectrum inversion, " Yang Jing-song " based on the SAR image texture characteristics And the artificial neural network to identify the oil spill off ", Shi Jian, " RADARSAT-2 in the land-use remote sensing dynamic monitoring " CHENG Bo, " based on neural network Poyang Lake wetland biomass inversion " by Dong Lei.

In the closing remarks, Professor Guo Huadong speak highly to the symposium pointed out the advantage and role of topic academic exchange.Many well-educated young experts attended the meeting shows the potential of  the microwave Earth observation research team..Also Canada, Japan SAR satellite-related enterprises participated the symposium and bring the fruits of technological progress. Overall, the conference is very succesful and provide an effective platform to the exchange of SAR satellite-related application.

As the first academic meeting sponsored by CNISDE, it  provided an opportunity to establish the Sosciety of Digital Earth. The Microwave and Earth Observation Committee and the first organization were set up to promote the levels of China's microwave Earth observation technology development and application with institutions and experts; meanwhile, "the number of professional archaeological heritage and the Commission" "Earth observation data professional committee", "air-to-earth professional observation of the Committee," the Institute of second-class institutions are also formed. These orgnizations’ establishment will make the sosciety to become a platform for academic exchanges and promote digital technology and related application in China.
The Symposium is sponsored by the International Society of Digital Earth China National Committee (CNISDE), Earth Observation and Digital Earth Science Center and the Electronic ministry of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and jointly organized by the Information and Space Technologies Institute of  Zhejiang University, and the of customer service Department of the Earth Observation Center .

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