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Current Missions  
CEODE conducts RS drought monitoring for 7 provinces (2011.06.10)
Water Environment Remote Sensing Application System Design Review (2011.06.10)
Service and Alteration Projects of Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructure Pass Acceptance Check (2011.06.10)
System Building&Implementation Plan of RS Satellite Application National Engineering Lab Building project passed expert review (2009.12.01)
Demand specifications of surface water environmental remote sensoring system passed expert review in the Earth Observation Center (2009.12.01)
Remote Broadcasting System Passes Acceptance Check (2009.10.24)
First Main Reflector Antenna Emplaced in Sanya Station (2009.10.24)
Synthetic-aperture Radar Scheme Passes Evaluation (2009.10.24)
Two RS Standards Issued (2009.10.24)
12 CEODE Proposals Win NSFC Funding (2009.10.24)
CEODE Passes Surveillance Audit of QMS (2009.10.24)
Development of a Satellite Data Assessment System Kicks off (2009.07.27)
Acceptance Check of an Upgraded ERS System (2009.07.27)
CEODE Conduct a Aerial RS Monitoring Assignment of the Northern Beijing (2009.09.09)
Participating in the Remote Sensing Monitoring and Data Sharing of Northern Drought Territories (2009.04.14)
CEODE Accomplish Receiving and Processing of RESOURCESAT-1 Nationwide (2009.04.14)
Remote Sensing Relief was Awarded by Science Daily the Domestic Top Ten Science News in 2008 (2009.04.14)
CEODE Takes Over RADARSAT-2 Data (2008.11.25)
CEODE Remote Sensing Aircrafts Joined in Quake Relief Efforts (2008.06.02)
Browsing and Requesting Earthquake Data (2008.06.02)
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