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Test Flight for “High Efficacy Airborne SAR Remote Sensing Applications” a Success
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On August 5th, 2011, the High Efficacy Airborne SAR Remote Sensing Applications(HEASRSA), a key project of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (NHTRDPC) undertaken by CEODE, successfully completed its test flight. The remote sensing aircraft has completed 18 flight operations and successfully obtained airborne InSAR 3D terrain mapping data.

Under the “Outline of National Medium- and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan” and the “11th Five-Year Science and Technology Development Plan”, the HEASRSAproject is oriented toward meeting significant national demands, such as mapping western China and national emergency response to natural disasters. This project integrates and develops high efficacy airborne SAR remote sensing application systems with multi-band InSAR as the core, with independent intellectual property rights, to reach international standards. Hence, this project significantly enhances national SAR remote sensing data acquisition and processing capability and promotes the industrial development of airborne SAR remote sensing.

The project utilizes an integrated microwave remote sensing platform to conduct regular operations and can undertake large-scale cartographic mapping tasks in cloudy and rainy regions. These technical achievements will improve the overall ability of remote sensing aircraft to provide applied services.

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