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CEODE Conducts Satellite-Aircraft-Ground Tests over Tibetan Plateau
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The research objective of the project is to identify sensitive factors of global change. This project carries out comprehensive tests in regions sensitive to global change, including the Tibetan Plateau, to provide basic data and theoretical and methodological support for global change research. Continuing the test from 2009, the main purpose of this test is to acquire multi-source, multi-scale, airborne remote sensing data and to provide high-resolution, high-quality datasets of Earth-atmosphere interaction for climate change research and mechanisms and methods for researching sensitive factors in the Tibetan Plateau. The test areas are the Qiangtang Plateau, as the main effected area in the hinterland of the Tibetan Plateau, and the southeastern Tibetan Plateau ecological area, as the key area for ecological processes and water vapor channel of East Asia.

In this test, remote sensing aircraft was equipped with three kinds of sensors including an airborne laser radar system, hyper-spectral imager and thermal infrared imager. The remote sensing aircraft flew seven times and more than 200 GB of airborne remote sensing data were obtained. The relative height of the flight was about 3000 meters. The density of the point cloud was one point per square meter, and the resolutions of the hyper-spectral images and the thermal infrared images are 1.8 m and 4 m, respectively.

CEODE organized this comprehensive satellite-aircraft-ground test, with more than 100 people participating from the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, and Institute of Atmospheric Physics. They developed series-synchronous or quasi-synchronous ground-based observation tests and encryption observation tests.

This Test acquired Three-dimensional terrain
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The Remote Sensing Aircraft Acuires Remote
Sensing Data and Ground Calibration.

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