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Director‘s Message
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In the 21st century, Earth observation and Digital Earth have increasingly become an important field of high-technology critical to socio-economic growth.

Just against this background of huge national demands and rapid academic developments, the CAS leaders made a decision to set up the Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE). Following the global trends of scientific development, iIts establishment is of great significance in dealing with the global trends of scientific development, meeting the national strategic requirements, integrating the national resources, and as well as upgrading the remote sensing and geo-information technologies.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of its staff, CEODE has scored encouraging achievements iIn terms of the increasing capabilities of airborne and spaceborne operations, dedicated participation of the conducting  national scientific projects, as well as cultivating an the continuous innovativeon of teams construction and management, CEODE has scored encouraging achievements thanks to the concerted efforts of its staff. Confronting the south China’s winter storm and Wenchuan earthquake of 2008, in particular, the CEODE staff did a good job in the remote-sensing monitoring of the disasters by following the Center’s mission: to satisfy national demands by providing reliable data for sustainable socio-economic development and offering scientific grounds for macroscopic decision making. Their performance wins universal acclaim from the national and local authorities.

On account of the evolving movement in the acquisition, application and services of space information, a wide range of technology innovations have promoted the progress of geo-information science, technology and application. As a comprehensive scientific research institute integrating scientific research and professional operation, it is required that CEODE is required to conduct research should aim highly at world scientific frontiers in the world toand satisfy China’s strategic demand. Besides, through the integration and improvement of infrastructure construction, the establishment of digital earth science and earth simulator system platforms, it is urged CEODE staff should spare no effortsstrives  to swiftly improve its supporting ability of geo-information for decision-makers and eventually achieve the strategic objective of building the Center into a world renowned hub for the studies of earth observation and Digital Earth.

Sincere thanks to all who have lent support and contributed to CEODE’s development for their excellent care and support.


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