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Brief Introduction
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The Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE)Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was established on August 27, 2007 through consolidating three CAS units: the Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station, the Center for Airborne Remote Sensing and the Laboratory of Digital Earth Sciences. As an institution noted for combination of both scientific research and professional services, CEODE is committed to: high-quality operation of aerospace Earth observation system and related data services; exploration of cutting-edge technologies for earth observation and their application demonstrations; theoretical and technological research into key issues concerning Digital Earth and their integrated applications at the global, national and regional scales; and the establishment of a research platform for Digital Earth.



Accompanied by CAS President Lu Yongxiang, State Councilor Liu Yandong, made an inspection tour of the CEODE taskforce for quake disaster monitoring and evaluation.


Strategic Objectives

To develop a service system for acquisition, processing, archiving and distribution of airborne and spaceborne remote sensing data and images; to carry out comprehensive studies of cutting-edge technologies for the Earth observation; to set up a national archive for such data and information on the framework of professional, systematic and integrated database and information pool featuring standardization and practical usage; to develop a platform for Digital Earth on the basis of remote sensing data and other information resources, and to conduct related application and demonstrative research. 



Main Research Interests

1. Mechanisms and methods for geo-spatial information detection;

2. Technology for the acquisition and ground processing of digital signals;

3. Projects for high-performance geo-information computing and data network;

4. Spatial data assimilation theories and technologies;

5. Spatial models of the Earth system, and

6. Digital Earth science platform and its integrated application.


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