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Satellite Remote Sensing Center
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The Center is devoted to receiving, archiving and processing remote-sensing the data from satellites both at home and abroad, and developing the technologies for upgrading the service and operation capacities of the ground systems.
Its major tasks include: Operational management of the satellite ground systems; the data reception and transmission, via the Internet, of the three satellite ground stations located in Miyun, Kashi and Sanya, and the pre-processing of the satellite data; the maintenance, technical renewal and structural upgrade of the ground systems; development of a nationwide network of satellite ground stations; and running graduate programs.
There are six divisions under the Center:
1.The Division for Operational Management of Satellite Ground Systems

2.Ground System Engineering Division

3.Satellite Data Pre-processing Division

4.The Miyun Ground Station

5.The Kashi Ground Station

6.The Sanya Ground Station

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